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Abstract and Poster

Abstract for poster submission should be sent before May 25 Select the topic for your poster presentation:

Topic 1: Epigenetic enzymes inhibitors: this topic covers current synthetic and biological developments of small molecules designed to target epigenetic enzymes: HDAC/HAT, HDM/HMT, PRMT, others

Topic 2: Epigenetic proteins/DNA interactions: this topic covers the interactions between protein domains, and between proteins and DNA in chromatin: histones/DNA modifying enzymes.

Topic 3: Epigenetic toolbox: this topic covers the development of analytical and assay techniques for the investigation of the epigenome: live cell imaging, modeling.

Topic 4: Functional effects of epigenetics: this topic covers the studies aimed at understanding how epigenetic modifications can induce functional changes in tissues or cells.

Topic [Required] :
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Templates can be donwloaded for abstracts and posters preparation. Send your completed poster abstract by email to

Abstract poster template are in A4 format and should be half page length
Word - 204.5 kb

Download template for abstract as Word file

Poster should be prepared in A1 format (60x85 cm). The template is provided to have directly the correct size with some features for presentation and organization of the poster
PowerPoint - 150 kb

Download template for poster as Powerpoint file


Last update : 7 May 2012


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