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9 july

Opening Talks
8:00 Registrations
9:00 Welcome Speech Philippe Bertrand U. Poitiers
9:05 Opening Talks Frédéric BecqU. Poitiers
Alexis BlancRégion Poitou-Charentes
El Mustapha BelgsirGrand Poitou
9:30 Access2CanadaNadia KhelefPasteur Institute
9:40 Epigenetics: an Overview Joelle Roche U. Poitiers
10:00 SGC Chemical Biology Program Susanne Muller-KnappSGC Oxford
10:20 Coffee Break
Epigenetic Enzymes Modulators
Chair M. TortoriciU. Pavia
10:40 Histone Deacetylases Inhibitors Antonello Mai U. Roma
11:25 Development of Novel Tools to Modulate and Investigate Histone Acetyltransferases ActivityFrank Dekker U. Groningen
12:10 Lunch
13:30Arginine Methyl Transferases Inhibitors Gianluca SbardellaU. Salerno
14:15Structural and Biochemical Investigation of Lysine-Specific Demethylase 1 InhibitorsM. TortoriciU. Pavia
15:00Coffee Break and Posters
15:45Consequences of Histone PhosphorylationAndreas HoubenLeibnitz Institute
16:30Targeting the Readers, Writers, Erasers of the Epigenetic Histone CodeStefan KnappU. Oxford
17:15The Return on Investments of the Epigenetic Drugs Nadine Martinet ICN Nice
18:30Social event : all public Espace Mendes France

10 july

Epigenetic Protein-Protein / Protein-DNA Interactions
ChairMarc CreusU. Basel
9:00Epigenetics from a Biochemical PerspectiveMarc CreusU. Basel
9:45Chaperoning Histones and Remodeling the Nucleus under DNA Damage StressAndreas LadurnerEMBL Heidelberg
10:30Coffee Break
10:50Epigenetics and Bacterial Infections: Lessons from ListeriaPascale CossartPasteur Institute, Paris
11:35Non Coding RNA as an Epigenetic Regulator in YeastJane MellorU. Oxford
ChairEva BartovaASCR IBP Brno
13:30DNA Sequence Influence on Nucleosomal Structure and Dynamics Alain ArneodoENS Lyon
14:15DNA Methylation in Cancer: its Role and TargetingPaola ArimondoUSR 3388 Toulouse
15:00Coffee Break and Posters
16:05DNA (Hydroxy) Methylation and its InteractionsMichiel VermeulenU. Utrecht
16:50DNA Methylation and HypoxiaPierre-François CartronU. Nantes
18:00Social Event : Poker Tournament

11 july

Epigenetic Tool Box
ChairNadine MartinetICN Nice
9:00Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) for EpigeneticsChristophe BlanquartINSERM Nantes
9:45Biophysical Binding AssaysDaumantas MatulisU. Vilnius
10:30Coffee Break and Exhibitions
11:20Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Chromatin Dynamics : Histone Variants and Remodeling ComplexesCendrine MoskalenkoENS Lyon
12:05Live-cell Investigations of Epigenetic EnzymesFrank FackelmayerBiomedical Research Institute Ioannina
Chair Frank Fackelmayer BRI Ioannina
13:30Confocal Microscopy and Living Cell StudiesEva BartovaASCR IBP Brno
14:15Sreening Tools for EpigeneticThierry JeanCerep France
15:00Profiling Nuclear RNA-Protein Interactions by NGS TechnologyRenato ParoETH Zürich
15:45Coffee Break and Exhibitions
16:30Proteomic Plateform TourNicolas BourmeysterU. Poitiers
18:00Social EveningVisit of the old cityGala Diner

12 july

Functional Consequences of Epigenetics
Chair Joelle Roche U. Poitiers
9:00Epigenetic Enzymes as Targets for Parasitic Infections Johan SchultziNovacia
9:45The Role of Oxygenases in Epigenetic RegulationChristopher SchofieldU. Oxford
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Epigenetic Drug Discovery - An Industry PerspectiveTom HeightmanAstex Therapeutics Ltd.
11:45Closing LecturePhilippe BertrandU. Poitiers
Laboratory Session
Trainers Philippe Bertrand & Laurent Cronier & Thomas DulucU. Poitiers & Ademtech
13:30Laboratory Session
Chemistry (places available)Scaffold synthesis in super acids
Biology (full)GAP-FRAP, Innovative magnetic beads approach for ChIP, by Ademtech
17:30Laboratory Session Debriefing

Last update : 25 June 2012


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